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10 stylish ways to wear kurti


Welcome to the I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR CLUB. Being an indian we have tons and tons of ethnic clothes, Why? Because Marriages, functions, festivals and the most important we love wearing them but not all the time. Today i am here to show you how to go innovative with your existing wardrobe. By that you can wear your casual kurtis everyday in Stylish way. You can style kurti in 10 different ways. Yes! You  read it right. 
1. With skirt

2. With palazzo

3. With straight pants

4. As a dress 

5. With shorts

6. With jeans

7. With jacket

8. With 3/4th

9. With culottes 

10. With ripped jeans

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5 ways to wear slip dress


Chokers, matte lipsticks, and platforms— when will the 90’s revival ever end? Hopefully not anytime soon because I’m loving finding new ways to style slip dresses. No matter your personal style, you can shop this trend and style it multiple ways, season after season. Here are a few I found and organized by preference.
1. Slip Dress Over Tshirt 

So this is the most common outfit these days. Sometimes when you can’t wear deep necks to a certain place you can just wear tshirt and a slip dress over it to make it comfortable yet fashionable.
2. Slip Dress With A Skirt

You can convert slip dress into top by just wearing skirt. You can wear any kind of skirt long or short, tight or loose. By that you can wear your slip dress in many different ways and it will not make anyone think that you’re repeating your clothes.
3. Slip Dress Over Shirt

Slip dress over shirt also comes under the topic of ways to wear a white button down shirt. This look is v…

10 Ways To Style A White Button Down Shirt

10 Ways To Style A White Button Down Shirt

White button down shirt is a fashion essential. Trends come and go but the versatility of the classis white button down shirt is perpetual. You can wear it everyday anytime anywhere. It's so classic and stylish. You can style it in any way. There are so many ways in which you can style the classic white button down shirt but for now i am showing you 10 ways in which you can style it. I am damn sure you can wear a simple white button down shirt everyday without getting caught, just because there are so many ways to style it. So let's get started.
1. White shirt with simple denim Two classic pieces of all time. White shirt with a denim jeans. I still remember, in a interview Deepika Padukone said," i am white shirt and blue jeans kind of a person". The pair of these two looks so stylish and they are so comfortable. You can also wear it everyday.

2. White shirt with a skirt As i told you we can wear white shirt with almost everyt…

5 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt

5 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt A denim shirt is often on lists of “classic pieces you must own”. Because of this, I’ve found many women already have a denim shirt in their closet—perhaps you do too. However, even though this shirt is versatile it often sits unused in closets because it can be hard to choose a bottom to go with it. That’s why we’re going to go though 5 options of how to wear a denim shirt, focusing specifically the bottoms to pair it with. 1. Denim shirt with dark colour jeans For a casual look wear denim shirt with dark coloured jeans. For giving some charm to the look you can wear any necklace. 2. Denim shirt with tulle skirt 3. Denim shirt with black pencil skirt 4. Denim shirt with shorts Pair your denim shirt with shorts. Any kind of shorts cotton,denim, leather etc. 5. Denim shirt with a dress You can wear denim shirt with a dress also. Wear your favourite casual dress then wear your denim shirt and tie it.

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10 Ways To Style Off Shoulder Top

10 Ways To Style Off Shoulder Top 
1. Off shoulder top with patterned high waist skirt 2. Off shoulder top with jeans
3. Off shoulder top with palazzo 4. Off shoulder top with button down skirt 5. Off shoulder top with maxi skirt 6. Off shoulder top with side split skirt 7. Off shoulder top with shorts 8. Off shoulder top with skater skirt 9. Off shoulder top with dungaree 10. Off shoulder top with indian lehenga

Trending Women Fashion "JUNE 2017" INDIA

Trending Women Fashion                      June 2017 INDIA
1. Lace Dress
2. Tank/Spaghetti Top
3. Army print
4. Browbar Sunglasses 5. Platform Sandals
6. Floral Print Dress
7. Denim skirt
8. Crop Top
9. Strappy Dress
10. Palazzo Pants